Tournament is March 2, 2019 @ Black Mountain Middle School

Tournament schedule:

For divisions 1 :
Advancement Guidelines:

If there are 1-5 teams competing, first place will advance. (both teams advance if there is a tie for first place)

If there are 6-12 teams competing, first and second place will advance. (including ties)

If there are 13-22 teams, the top three teams will advance.

If there are 23+ teams, the division will be split into two flights and those flights will follow the advancement guidelines above depending on the number of teams in each flight.


For Division 2 & 3:

If there are 1-12 teams competing, first and second place will advance (including ties)

If there are 13+ teams, then the top three teams will advance


*Tie defined by Odyssey of the Mind in the Program Guide on page 10:

“Ties are declared when a team’s score is within one point of the highest score in that place. Example: final scores are 294.51, 293.57, 293.11. First place is 294.51; however, 293.57 is not a full point less than 294.51, so this becomes a tie for first place. The score 293.11 is more than one point less than the highest first-place score (294.51), so it is considered second place.”